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Over the last 11 years, we have worked with manufacturers and brand owners across a wide variety of retail categories.
These include:




We specialise in finding the right channel for our clients to grow in. Our customers are normally experts in their field, so our role is to understand their products and abilities and then find the best way for them to break into the market.
This may include securing a listing for one of their brands, gaining an own label range or even creating a new brand to fill the UK market requirements.
With over 32 years of combined experience with UK retailers, we have built a strong network of contacts and have a good knowledge of how these different companies operate. Their platforms, their systems, accounting methods, technical/quality standards and all the requirements that make them unique to work with.
Intamarca has gained listings and grown business for its customers with the following companies:
A fresh, driven company of sales and marketing professionals supporting businesses into new and existing markets, providing outsourced sales and marketing functions and full account management.

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