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Meet The Team
Laura has contacts into all major retailers with over a decade of experience in supplying the key supermarkets with products. Multi-lingual, Mallorcan born Laura is able to communicate across the whole of Europe, has a track record of excellent sales successes, a working knowledge of supply chain and logistics and a start-to-finish mentality on project management.


Founding Partner & Director
With a multidisciplinary background in FMCG and a strong focus on win-win category management, Luis has launched numerous own-label products within UK retail. Using customer intelligence, he has helped European manufacturers develop brands and managed their listing, promotion and marketing strategies leading to continuous double-digit growth YOY. With a broad network of logistics and supply chain solutions, he helps tailor the best distribution channels for customers ready to break into new markets.


Partner & Director
Tina has 25 years of experience in international markets predominantly through the sale of new and used construction equipment, to and from various countries around the world. Tina has worked with suppliers and customers in the Far East, Africa, South America, North America and Europe, arranging sales from start to finish including finance and shipment.


With a clear, logical mind and a practical approach to problem-solving, Alex liaises between customers, retailers and logistics providers to ensure a smooth supply of goods. An excellent communicator who is fluent in Polish, English, Italian and is learning Spanish!


Account Executive
Organised and structured in her approach to a project, Gillian is our market research analyst, specialising in understanding what is presently available in any market we are working within. Able to spot key consumer groups as well as look at other influencing products related to a specific brief, Gillian will ensure there is a complete understanding of a market and highlight any gaps within it.


Research Analyst
With a pedigree background in accountancy, Rebecca ensures that projects are kept to a tight budget, that invoicing is timely and that projects are costed out carefully and precisely to ensure that there are no surprises.


A fresh, driven company of sales and marketing professionals supporting businesses into new and existing markets, providing outsourced sales and marketing functions and full account management.

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